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Buggspray Insect Repellents are DIFFERENT because they ACTUALLY WORK and SMELL GOOD! They also provide a GREAT VALUE because they are so effective.

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Buggins Natural Insect Repellent - Vanilla Mint & Rose.

Buggins Natural Insect Repellent - STORE LIST

Insect repellent is supposed to smell bad to work, right? WRONG. Our 'Original' formula is quite unique and uses a special fragrance blend that smells like vanilla or powder. We have both DEET-based and DEET-free versions of this pleasant scent. You should choose our Buggspray Insect Repellent Original (Vanilla) Scent with 25% DEET for these reasons:

On the Buggspray label it says: "Repels mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Malaria, or Dengue Fever". It also repels ticks that may carry Lyme disease. What does this mean? These diseases can be carried by several different families (species) of mosquitoes and Buggspray works to repel them.

It will repel biting GNATS, black flies, and no-see-ums even when they are swarming.

Unlike other repellents, it has a clean, fresh, powdery scent that smells great so you don't feel like you're using "bug spray".

Containing a mixture of three active ingredients, our Buggspray Insect Repellent for Biting Flies has no fragrance and is designed for use when the biting flies get thick.

Don't believe it? See how they compare, or ... try a TRAVEL SIZE

Read what others have said about Buggspray Insect Repellent

Have you heard about the people recommending Picaridin? READ THIS FIRST!

Here is our product line-up:

After five years of development, we received EPA registration for our Original Buggspray Insect Repellent in July, 1998. We now sell it in two sizes - 1 oz. & 4 oz. non-aerosol pump spray bottles (two package options). This stuff smells good and will work great for most people in most situations. It contains 25% DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) plus a clean, fresh, powdery scent that smells like vanilla.

Repellent for Biting Flies

After ten years of research and some serious testing, we received EPA registration for Buggspray Insect Repellent for Biting Flies in February, 2004. It also comes in two sizes - 1 oz. & 4 oz. (two package options). For those people who want NO FRAGRANCE, are particularly susceptible to insect bites, are making a trip abroad, or are going where biting flies abound, this is the product you want. It contains 25% DEET along with two fly repellents.

 DEET-free Buggins Insect Repellent

Nature's way to shoo bugs

Buggins is DIFFERENT
It uses a natural herbal repellent found to be as effective as DEET and works on a broad spectrum of blood feeding bugs. Plus, it smells great - like rose, peppermint and vanilla.
Read our press release in Adobe pdf format HERE

Swarming Black Fly Video!

Higher resolution video

Although our company, Bugg Products LLC, is small and growing, we have done our homework and developed products you can depend on. With the increasing threat of disease carried by mosquitoes and ticks, a serious public health issue has emerged.

Be aware of the many products, gimmicks, and folklore out there that claim to solve the problem. Only those with EPA registration actually do what they say and the EPA is working to remove those other illegal products from the market. (This is just like the FDA and prescription drugs.) So for real protection, look for the claims on the label and an EPA registration number to back it up. (Note: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is the governing body which regulates insect repellent in the United States.)

We are a Minnesota-based manufacturer and marketer of personal insect repellents - products you spray on your skin or clothing. Personal insect repellents are designed to repel, rather than kill, mosquitoes, biting flies (gnats, deer flies, sand flies, stable flies, black flies, yellow flies, horse flies), small flying insects, biting midges, chiggers, fleas, no-see-ums, and ticks.

We've promoted our products at several fairs and shows in the Midwest by handing out "Sniffys" - a piece of paper with our repellent sprayed on it, so consumers can smell the scent. After trying one, they exclaim, "That's bug spray?! It smells too good to be bug spray!". We've handed out more than 110,000 Sniffys and less than 30 people (0.03%) did not care for either Buggspray scent (vanilla or sport) so we're pretty sure you will like them too.

Having been duped in the past by various gimmicks, they skeptically ask, "Yeah. But does it work?".

On our "Efficacy" page, we have videos we've made with a cage of hungry mosquitoes and another video with swarming black flies. Even with the videos and live demonstrations, people still can't believe their eyes. With this type of product, they need to try it for themselves. We're confident our products will work for you on mosquitoes. Plus, they really work against biting gnats (black flies or buffalo gnats)!

In Minnesota, the starving bugs only get to eat six months out of the year so they will buzz right through any marginal product. We are a small growing company that relies on Word-of-Mouth from customers who tell everyone how satisfied they are with our great products. Since we started in 1994, we have grown to have our Buggspray in several hundred stores so you can be assured it really works.

There are many gimmicks (bath oils, zappers, wristbands, electronic devices) and 'natural products' out there that are ineffective. Please take some time and learn about what you can do to protect yourself, and your family, from insect bites and diseases like encephalitis, West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever, and Lyme disease.

If you want to buy Buggspray at your favorite store or if they are SOLD OUT, click open THIS PAGE, print it, and give it to the store manager!

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